Our Solutions

  • Flare-X RouterRouter resident Security and communications protection
  • Flare-X Systems –PC’s, desktop and Macintosh computer systems resident
  • Flare-X Mobile –iPhone, iPad, Android phone and mobile devices resident
  • Flare-X IoT – Custom developed specific to the device

Detects and Defeats Eternal Blue

  • Amazingly small Endpoint Protection footprint
  • OS independent
  • Detects and defeats all threats using
    Artificial Intelligence
  • Cannot be sniffed, skimmed, or hacked

Flare-X™ REAL AI Cyber Ecosystem–A New Dimension of Cyber Security.

Real AI. Real Empowerment.

“AI is changing everything from cybersecurity to operations and order fulfillment”

The challenges and threats businesses face are changing and evolving at rapid pace in the new era of AI powered cyber threats.

Businesses cannot rely on today’s standardized solutions. When the “standard products” try to defend against sophisticated threats in today’s weaponized cyber world, they are useless.


Business Needs…

  • A cyber solution that is much more advanced than, security through endpoint protection.
  • A future proof solution that evolves with the business and their goals–A lifecycle that does not expire. A strategic system that learns, adapts, and grows.
  • Protects against enhanced cyber-attacks in the new AI era
  • Easily integrates into existing infrastructure with limited maintenance.

The Flare-X Solution:
A New Dimension of Cyber Security

We fulfill cyber security objectives to remain free from harm, stay connected, maintain confidentiality, and ensure business continuity for the government and private sectors. We provide a secure operating environment for all our clients employing the latest Artificial Intelligence and threat deterrent tools. Flare-X delivers real AI so you can solve the biggest challenges and most complex, end-to-end problems.

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