January 3, 2023

Flare-X Endpoint Protection:

 The New Dimension of Cybersecurity.

Flare-X combines attributes, and functionalities of many disparate security product solutions into a single Endpoint Agent proactively generated  by our Artificial Intelligence entity.  Flare-X AI Endpoint Security protects against all known and unknown attacks in real-time. This allows IT departments to provide the highest service levels in a secured environment to their user community and putting time back on their side. In addition, human errors and flaws can be muted in effect by the protective shield and comprehensive alerting of processes, device health statuses, improved system visibility, and threat eradication capability.  

Flare-X AI deploys to the endpoint quickly and easily by QR Code, device address or serial numbers.  In addition, at the Endpoint, Flare-X AI is actively evolving to present day, as well as future security attacks, and other additional vulnerabilities. In addition, the real Global Flare-X AI is continuously monitoring and peering new protective code and processes to the Flare-X Endpoint AI to protect your computing environment. Flare-X AI is not just a machine-learning platform but rather the most sophisticated and mature security-focused AI in the Cybersecurity industry.

The Flare-X Security Console is revolutionary in that it provides information on all devices and the computing environment.   The Flare-X Security Console helps the network team manage the devices, see their security levels, perform testing and report on all aspects of your network security posture.

The unparalleled visibility provided by Flare-X constitutes both a DMZ health view, but also a global view as it correlates to the protected global enterprise environs. This can be provided in conjunction with another vendor, such as Solar Winds, and can even protect against the Security Flaws inside the Solar Winds application. The Flare-X AI will heal all vulnerabilities giving the organization time to correct the damage-causing vulnerabilities brought on by faulty implementation, design or human error, and even by a vendor such as Solar Winds and defeats them at the endpoints, thus protecting the internal assets.

Flare-X AI will protect and seal the communication dependencies of the enterprise. The endpoints will all have peered attack protection, and the organization can continue business as usual with an improved performance-optimized environment. Flare-X AI will be fueled by the data from all necessary views into Network Health, Application Health, Device Health…. even component health to protect against common temperature statistical probabilities of malware infection. Even Layers 1 & 2, which are telco related, will have a health monitor visibility as the most virulent malware in the world; Eternal Blue crawls in layers 1 & 2 looking for application layer trojan threats to imbed in Enterprise Systems.


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