January 3, 2023

Flare-X: The Complete Cybersecurity Solution

Threat actors are proactive and innovative.  Flare-X AI is the most mature Cybersecurity focused AI and is proactively engaged against threats and responds in milliseconds on a global basis.


Flare-X Endpoint Security is a solution that protects every endpoint with an OS-agnostic, device-specific agent managed by a defense-focused Artificial Intelligence entity.  When the Endpoint AI agent detects threatening activity, the AI locates and eradicates the threat in a Zero Minute reaction.  The Flare-X Endpoint Security solution provides an all-vector security AI agent and augments existing security processes for the company to continually protect the devices when resident.  Flare-X is not dependent on any OS/Non-OS, firmware, configurations, or other relevant local factors.

The Flare-X Security agents monitor, optimize, and protect all devices where they reside.  Flare-X will protect Video Data, Audio Data, and Data streams from malicious code.  When malicious code is encountered, the AI Agent will eradicate malicious code inline in the Zero- Minute of the attack.

Flare-X AI addresses all attacks to all secured devices. Flare-X Endpoint Security is explicitly designed to perform these functions and protect your network.  Each Endpoint AI Agent is expressly configured to the device it is to protect. In addition, the AI-managed Agent will optimize the operation of the device, ensuring it is functioning at its highest levels.

Users will be able to use the FX Security console to see the health and viability of their DB systems.  Several vendor systems are available for controlling access and securing these databases and virtual environments.  Flare-X monitors and manages and provides a comprehensive Cybersecurity solution.   Often the API solutions are not connected to the other security solutions in use in their computing environment.  This situation translates to another vendor relationship and the potential gap in the overall security Policy.

Flare-X offers API connectivity to our AI Security solution.   Placing our API into the stream will allow Flare-X to employ our encryption, cloaking, and data cleansing capabilities to protect your databases and virtual environments.   All activities from the Flare-X API are recorded in the Security console.   The Flare-X Console is designed to contain an “easy to use” modular visibility and yet quickly give access to both big picture and individual device details. As an example of visibility, in the dashboard, you will see processing speeds, inventory data, response times, and attacks that were cleaned inline in near real-time.


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Identity Protection


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