Flare-X™ REAL AI Cyber Ecosystem–A New Dimension of Cyber Security.

Real AI. Real Empowerment.

Flare-X is bringing a cloud based Real-AI cyber ecosystem that operates at quantum computing speed. We are providing a unified ecosystem across your entire business that protects, optimizes business execution, and drives business growth and value.

The benefits are many: streamlined operations, enhanced ability to identify marketplace trends, improved products and services, cyber security, and a better customer experience.

Deliberate tools take action based on reasoning.

Self-learning Algorithms

The system differentiates between success and failure and adjusts based on results.

Real-time Decisioning

Real AI makes decisions across use cases and evaluates the best, most efficient methods to meet an end objective.

AI Supercharges Data Exploration

Enables better decision making and helping organizations find answers to questions they didn’t even know they should be asking.


Flare-X works on symbolic networks and can handle expert systems and machine perceptions. The underlying AI components can be combined in different ways, so responses can be unique to any situation or interaction. Flare-X utilizes cutting edge machine perception and the power to understand human emotions and various gestures

The Flare-X Real AI cyber ecosystem will deliver astounding benefits across every business function, solving the most significant challenges and most complex, end-to-end problems. Most notably is the transformational impact Flare-X’s Real AI will have on cyber security–delivering zero intrusion.

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